About us

In 1997 microfinancial project of the Agency for Technical Corporation and Development (ACTED) initiated to create Limited Liability Company (LLC) Micro Credit Organization (MCO) “OXUS”. High demand for microfinancial services, increase of reference project and adoption of the law on microfinancial institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2005 have resulted in the official registration of the LLC MCO “OXUS” as a micro loan organization in January, 2006. Currently, MCO “OXUS” Tajikistan is a part of microfinancial institutions of OXUS Group.
OXUS Group also operates in Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.


OXUS is a transparent and responsible enterprise engaged in providing financial services to the working poor and the underbanked worldwide. OXUS is dedicated to build teams of recognized professionals, create and provide the most efficient microfinance services and improve the sustainable livelihoods of its customers.


Our corporate philosophy is composed of nine values, which are based on our mission, vision and the goals of the organisation.

• Professionalism
• Efficiency
• Client satisfaction
• Employee Empowerment
• Responsibility
• Transparency
• Innovation
• Partnership
• Impact and sustainability


To improve the sustainable livelihoods of our customers and to be the microfinance organization of reference where we work.

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